Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life in Changes

A song from the past, but a time in a life, when theres a question of maybe changing directions, 25 years in the food business, what a time that was so rewarding in the satisfaction of feeding people with that quality of product, the workers we had, the customers, not that it wasn,t trying and that there wasn,t really any money made but ever thankful that it was a part of my life, Then the past 25 years in the art world, a couple thousand drawing and paintings later,as well 5 books i,m feeling totally satisfied with the result of this part of my life, I have a number of painting that I would still like to do, as well a couple of series of watercolours of nyny and then theres the part of having all the work put into books, but theres this thought starting in my mind of changing direction into something that has more meaning, something that I respect in others yet have never had the courage to get involved in myself, I believe that its because its such a series matter and I really don,t know if I have it in me to be able to do it,, helping others in the 3rd world situations, A totally major decision because I do believe that if you do take that onyou must be totally dedicated and totally follow through on the direction one would take in this life change.I will finish with what I must with the art work and then make a decision on this thought.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Beginings and Changes

Funny how we think of what to do with our lives,, and how that thought changes from age to age or month to month,New York, Key West, Cambridge Ontario, how different my life changes in each of these locations, and how different your thoughts change about what life is, maybe its the changes in latitudes that does it,, naw,, thats not it at all, its the people you need to deal with on each level,, naw,, people be people as Will Hoppey says, just your head space,, then again it sometimes has to do with your health like when your hung over or something like that,maybe its just the way it is as Van Morrison says, it just "Is",should i stay or should i go,, you know, that song,i wonder if it would be different if i had money, would i live different, eat different hang out with other folk,, naw,, i don,t think that has any bearing at all on what happens in my life,, maybe just maybe,, everything that happens and everything you think ,say or do is exactly what you have to,, your entire life,, like i,m saying just maybe been hanging out in lame bridge,, opps sorry Cambridge for a month now , set up a little exhibit at "The Groove Kitchen", in Preston,, been kool, running into a few old friends I havn,t seen for like 30 to 60 years, but also difficult in many ways, changes from New York and Key West, thought of how people see me and my art work,, New York, definately see me more as an artist and respects that much more than Key West,, but Key West does see me as an Artist,, but has no Respect for the artist,,well a few do.. but just a few,, the mayor of New York,, is one of a few people I know that neither knows artists or respects them and what art means to mankind,, now Cambridge or maybe even Canada,, forget about it,, they snicker or even laugh at the artist , but what do i know i just have these thought that seem to change as i move from place to place and these thought may change from age to age,, man,,, i need something to do