Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life is a Very Short Experience

Between the Ego and the confusions of our minds,, life goes by us pretty quickly.Just when we start to really understand and accept that we have it right, we also realize that were 71 years old,,and yes ive heard it all,,your only as old as you feel,,ok,,and then theres that one,,at 60 or whatever,,60 not old,,ya ok,,keep telling yourself that,,the point is,,life is very short and quick,,Pink Floyds line,,ten years have got behind,,no one told me when to run,,i missed the starting gun,,well40 years gets behind that quick as well,,So,,all that said,,don,t. Get caught up by the ego,,that confuses you into thinking your the one,you can win thats never been won,,Dylan,,stop in your life everyday,,seven times and say a prayer in thanks,,for the ,,Gift,, of Life,,you have been given,,make sure your kind to all that you get to meet,,make people smile and laugh,,and when your ego gets you into any kind of negative situation,,Stop,,Reflect,,and then make it Right,,don,t carry anger and negativity,,on your mind,,that tires you and makes live much more difficult. We have all been blessed,,with life,,yes i know also we have our trials,,but,,thats the ego saying,,you should have ,or why not me,,take a breath,,your alive,,just go do or say something nice to someone,,make them have a great day,,do it time and time again,,everyday,,soon,,your everyday will be filled with. Nothing but happiness