Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New York 2011

Came into the Village thinking I would watercolour 50 or 60 pieces, got into my space on Thompson Street, and couldn't find the groove to get busy with anything. Next thing i know they are digging up the street and taking my space that i stay in the past 15 years, what to do,, head out of town , can't get into anything anyway, but thought i would check out the West Village, Perry Street no sooner got there and the energy level went up , found a nice little spot,, and soon had the pens out doing a drawing,, drew a crowd as well.I,m Energized, I,m on Fire,, the drawings are dropping out of the pens like magic,, watercolour paper comes along at Debbie and Daves party through Lynda, the new space is a groove, Ariel is fab, aria is Fab,, business is rockin,, BUT,, Head space is not right, woman trouble in my mind, shakin it, but got me out of sorts,, i,m doing ok but , and thats the trouble to many buts in my head, must be the age,, maybe its the hot can,t take the heat, New York Key West, Canada,, Friends all over the place , even doing this writing just can, t get the groove man,, just can,t get the groove,, have to sign out cause i need to fix the groove