Saturday, November 24, 2012

Its About Time

It Is about time, about time i wrote something and about the time in my life, months again that i expressed my thought and where i,ve been, how fast did the time go from April and what was it i,ve done in that time,, life times in months,, again, time with my Children and Grand kids, another trip to NYNY, and what a time that was, 31 new drawings, and the deepening of friends and the attaining of so many new friends, the age thing has got me re -evaluating how i see all that i did and do in my life time, from eating to talking about what it is we talk about, the way i draw why i draw what i do,, and how i see my family and friends so much clearer for the value they are in my Life," God is Perfect" words from my good friend Ariel, so True, Life without them would be no life at all,Family and Friends ,, theres never enough you do for them or express the love for them, the gifts were given,, each and everyday,, is a gift and all you receive in the day another lesson and gift, i just want to stop here and express from the bottom of my heart and with every essence of my being ,, a Thank You to everyone Ive ever been in contact with that have made my world and my life the wonderful journey its been,, Nomaste'