Monday, April 26, 2010

Six Days Till Monday

Sitting,, in D.C.,Maryanne and Larry home , spent a couple days at Lise ,Kayleigh and Davids home in Daytona. Taking life very slow making sure i have an idea to where and what it is i want to do with the next twenty years of my life if i,m so lucky to have that pleasure, missing Laura playing hockey,, missing Steve just being Steve and making a life for himself,, missing the Boys Growing into men,, Tyler actually working James becoming a teenager ,,and Noah,,just missing the connection,, and The Biggs,,just to see her,, more often, but,the work,, what to do about the work,, David Steinberg doing the web site, loving that and needing time to do it,, new york drawings needing to be finished,, the books,, four new key west books to have published by the end of 2011,, as well one more new york book,, and thens there ,,,My Life,, maybe i should think a little more about having some more about that,, but,, what is that other than my kids,, or my work,,,thats why its time to think about what the next twenty years or twenty days or hours,, and what it is that needs to really be done ,, or should anything be done other than,,, being.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What is it About Tuesdays

A week sails by,, may as well be a lifetime, sitting at my nephew Jims home in Clearwater,, left Key West on Saturday after picking up a couple great sandwiches from the Cuban Coffee Queen which is a great little spot that my True Friend ,Paul Menta owns with another trully great friend and person Eric,, how come i,m so Fortune ate,, must be someone looking out for me,,trip up was rainy day hard rain,, refreshing,van cleaning, thoughts, were many as i drove the eight hours,stopped and had dinner with Brother Butch and Karen as well John and Wendy Taylor from Cambridge prepared by the woman,,, mmm good, Last night ,, monday,, we went out the 7 of us for a great italian dinner,,, What Else,, and i sit here on this beautiful morning making contact with the people i,ll be spending the next 2 months with in new york . What is Life,,a breath,, a good morning to you,, a thought of your children,, another two thought of each of your children in seperate times,,what is life a good morning to you from that some one you love or even more so from that person you hardly know,,what is life,look at life,,, your life or just life
the breath you take ,so for sure that the next one is coming, the food you eat ,, so like its so expected that there is another meal coming and on and on we just take for granted that there will be another day,,, take a moments or seven every day to stop for 5 seconds or 5 minutes to thank for that life ,, that could end at any of those days or minutes or seconds,,thank for the mother the father the family the friends the health,, thank for the life.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Touching Base

April,2010, Daughter Tina has just left after spending a week with me in Key West,, Made Me realize even more how much i need my family in my life at this point. I,ll be leaving Key West on the 19th has been two months and it has been very different here,, much cooler than the usual winter and of course the financial situation that we are involved in has not been good for business,, all in all its been a great season for socializing, but not for business. Key West has also depleated my energy to draw or paint with the unacceptance that it has for not only artist but people in general,, parking and code violations are out of control,, going to be difficult to want to draw here in the future,then theres the friends that i have here which makes it almost impossable to ever leave, and you all know who i am talking about. So, i,m off to Clearwater to have a couple days with my nephew and my Brother, and then over to Daytona and spend a few days with my Great Niece and her family going to hang a dozen or so paintings in there new home, from there i,m heading to D.C. and hang out there for a few days,, maybe a day in Philly then up to Dave and Debbies home in New Jersey to get some of the web site business sorted out ,, and then I,ll be in New York for six to eight weeks