Thursday, March 5, 2015

Seems Like the First Time

Then again it could be ,, at 72 years old ,,it is the first time,, the first time becoming a Great Grandfather,, That is,,and again im in awe and thanks,, that im alive,, so many never reach this age,, and even more do not become witness to their Grandaughters become mothers which allows an old man to see his first Grand Child. Its 2015, and I swear,, its feels like 1999,where did those 16 years go,, that granddaughter who was 14 all of a sudden is 30,,and somehow,, ive become an old man,, what,, you say,, 72 is not old,, well excuse me,, it is,, and im like I said happy to be old and be able to claim the title of Great Grampa., Now,, what else is going on in this old mans life,, not much,, having spent the past 30 years putting a portfolio together of my drawing,, and like ive expressed in previous posts,, being banned from the united states for 5 years,, the past year has been a little more than difficult trying to fiqure out what to do with what ive been doing. Five years will make me 77 if I have that many,,and then what will I still be able to complete this project,, that has left me homeless and broke,, or  do I stop with this project and resign my self to the fact it was a noble effort,,choices and decisions,, and acceptance in Life and what it has for you, and gives you, I have quite a few places that have my work in the usa,, and at this point really feel like I will not be permitted into the usa to complete this project,, so the only option is ,, is for me to have everything collected and returned to Canada, it breaks my heart,, to do that,, but it is the most logical decision,,the sadest part of this situation,, is not about the project or what to do with it,, or the fact that it may never be completed ,, but the friends that I have had the privilege to have had in these years, and the separation from them,, at this time of my life,, beyond words to try to describe what has been taken away from me,, by the loss of these friends