Thursday, January 7, 2016

Reflections, Projections and Thoughts

Being,, Alive,, who would have thought,, and then having what it is we have , Doing,, what we have done in these 72 years we have had the pleasure of enjoying so much,, the air we breathe, the food we receive, the friends in our lives,, the loves, the parents , brothers .sisters , children and Grand and Great, the work we have been blessed with being able to do, and then There is More at 72, ,, The Gifts, of health, art, understanding and if your Fortunate enough ,, Compassion,,
And the there's the Art,, The Drawings and The Paintings, The Words,, The Books,, The People that make that all possible, Its difficult to understand even within your self, what it is that moves me as an artist,, to not only do the drawings and the paintings or to sit and write a thought,, so you just accept it,, and do it,, and then there's the desire to want to reproduce them and work with that,, and then there's the realization of the fact that its all One and All a Gift,, so you look for what it is that Gives you these gifts and how to Thank Them,,
Two Hands Ten Fingers, Eyes, New York, Key West, Paris , Amsterdam, Praha, Italy,, Cambridge,so many Friends, So Many Gifts,
Seven Books, Four of my drawings, three of my thoughts, hundreds of drawings, hundreds of watercolours and hundreds of oil paintings, sounds like a couple thousand, couple hundred in books and and a thousand or more to go,, two New York books finished Two more to go,, Key west,, one finished seven more to go,, Europe two to do and one almost finished,, God Willing, by my Birthday,, New York Colour Maybe by Valentines day, would be nice,, six or seven Key West books by the end of 2017, Book of drawings of musicians,, would be nice need to fit it in ,, Somewhere,,
But,, would really be nice to be able to ,, even in my thoughts,, fit in a few Books of My Oil Paintings,,,, and in between all this,, is a book ive been trying to get 30 or 40 of my boyhood friends to write with me,, a Book called, "The Preston Boys",, a book about the friendship of these hoodlums that ive had the pleasure to hang around with for 65 years of my life,
Which takes me to the part of all this rambling, Thoughts about what life is really all about,, and thats the people that we encounter, in the 72 years, those New York People, The Key West People , Them European ones, in Paris, Amsterdam,, in Villa Mesa, Home of my Father,,and of course The Canadian ones, New York ,, They Just Love everything i do, and the Key West ones,, have made me part of the Family,, The Love,,, The Love,, The Love,, those wild Italians,, and those Children,, Again,, and the loves,, and the Family,,The Love,,,,