Saturday, November 24, 2012

Its About Time

It Is about time, about time i wrote something and about the time in my life, months again that i expressed my thought and where i,ve been, how fast did the time go from April and what was it i,ve done in that time,, life times in months,, again, time with my Children and Grand kids, another trip to NYNY, and what a time that was, 31 new drawings, and the deepening of friends and the attaining of so many new friends, the age thing has got me re -evaluating how i see all that i did and do in my life time, from eating to talking about what it is we talk about, the way i draw why i draw what i do,, and how i see my family and friends so much clearer for the value they are in my Life," God is Perfect" words from my good friend Ariel, so True, Life without them would be no life at all,Family and Friends ,, theres never enough you do for them or express the love for them, the gifts were given,, each and everyday,, is a gift and all you receive in the day another lesson and gift, i just want to stop here and express from the bottom of my heart and with every essence of my being ,, a Thank You to everyone Ive ever been in contact with that have made my world and my life the wonderful journey its been,, Nomaste'

Monday, April 9, 2012

Time Keeps on Flowing

April 9th,, Easter in Canada, Missing the Keys and the friends who make my winters sunny, have been in the north all winter and though its been quite a remarkable winter as far as mild goes it was still way to cold for me,, not to mention, even though it was great to be near the kids and watch Laura play her 1st year of university hockey,, i can,t imagine spending another winter in Canada. some for the reason given but i,m really not allowed to live my life as i know it within me,, what do i mean by that,, well,, theres this person that i know when i,m not Dad, Poppa and that Joe that "everyone ",, KNOWs that i,m really not,, and theres this other guy,, who a whole lot of you DO Know that ,, I am,, and i love being,, as they say,, its complicated,, but not really,, cause i know that when i,m that guy,, i,m the happiest,, anyway,, i,m blessed that i,m alive and that i do have these two lives,, and that i was allowed to be a part of my Childrens Life,, for another winter of my Life

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Jan. 1st, 2012, sitting in Cambridge, had departed for the USA on thursday of last week but was turned around at the border,, 25 years of work and hardly any of it completed and maybe will never be,worked all over the place and needs to be collected and brought home, work paid for and not done, waiting,, in a constant state of waiting , printers that are totally not on my page, or seems my side, hitting a brick wall,, by being turned down at the border,, time to call it quits,, just too demanding for ,,, nothing,,sick to my stomach,, hurting inside,, time to make a decision,, 69 years old maybe its time to get a nice little space to live a nice TV and retire,, yep,, made that decision,, thats what i,m going to do,, then a phone call comes in,, you can get an artist visa ,, work in the states,, no problem,, then all those retirment thought go out the window,,, BUT,,, maybe not,, wweeellll see,, is it what i want to do,, yes,, if it doesn,t continue to make me crazy and whatever else it has been doing to me to have to do what i need to do,, wwweeeellll see