Monday, May 24, 2010

Joe Fortes New York,, Volume Three

Working at getting, another New York Book together,,never mind the Drawing that have to get done,, the script is another story all together,, who to thank, and in what order,, want to talk about ,the fact that ive only been doing drawings in NY for 15 years,, and thats 15 years on a really limited time schedule. The work i did before i became a full time artist that actually made me some kind of living,, the fruit store , the books and records that we sold,, all of that of great importance to me,, especially what my Mom and Dad did for a living,, which was the food store, fruit and vegetables specifically want to tie that into vol 3 of the New York book.The Importance of the people I Thank in these books ,and really get it across how very much that without them it woulsd not be possable to do the work, not just that , that part of writing it is lip service ,, but a real sincere thank you for being there for me.So when i sit down to do this writing i become over whelmed with how much you could write about each of these subjects and really not say to the extent of what you want to any degree at all. but let me try,, in my simple attempt to do that.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New York, 2010

Got into the city,, last Monday, and as usual it was the keep your head up situation of NYC, energy abounds even though it is a bit slow.This is the 1st time i have celebrated my birthday in NY, and it was a beauty,, party at the Plaza with Michael Fredo playing with the band,, and enjoyed seeing all the good folks ,, Shannon and Joe Fredo as well as Benny, Eric,Cory, and the rest . Thursday nigh found us all At the party at ,Covet,, usual suspects and what a great bar,, brand new and done up beautifully, nephew Jim and his Lady, Jeannine came into the City on Friday and we had a great time at Cuba,, great food great music and great people,, did the walk around ,, wound up at Wicked Willys,, for a night cap and spent Saturday,, hanging out,, Jim shooting a lot of pics.Now work wise was a productive week as well,, have two drawings on the go business was slow but ok,, met a bunch of new people , the four ladies from saskatoon,, want you all to check out the web site, see you all next week.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Weeks On The Road

Sunday, May2nd,Randolph n.j., been here for five days,, getting a bit done with ,"The Boss",on the web site, thats, thank God i,ll be off to New York tomorrow, not that i didn,t have a great time with Debbie and David,, Great host and hostess, great food,, just so happy to have it all settled for what had to be done.I,m thinking that we should have the web site totally together by the end of 2012,, i thought we could do it by the end of 2011,, but i was dreaming and realize that i have no idea what it takes to do that, anyway,, its been a great 2 weeks,, with time with, brother butch and karen, wendy and john, jannine and nephew jim,, and the over to ron and suzi q,s, and then a couple days with david and lise and kayleigh,,, and then on to mary anne.s and larry,s and jenna and andy and michael,, and then debbie and daves ,jonathan and adams,, so i,m off into the Big Apple,, to celebrate My 67th Birthday,, will be at the plaza on wed. nite if michael fredo,s playing, jim and jennine will be in the city on thursday and friday,, but the big reason for this time in the city is to get some things together with my printer leni,, really need to get that all together so i can get some drawing done.Also hope to sell out of the second printing of the new york books