Friday, October 14, 2011

In a Nutshell

October 14th,, where did 4 months go, 30 some drawings finished, and so many new friends, and so much help from old friends, Leni at Smudge,, doing his magic again, kept the work flowing, the Barbaras from Perry street making sure i was okay, Ariel My main man, and Michael and Harry from the gym,, giving me all thats needed to stay clean,, the people at the rec centre,, making sure i,m ok as well, Roberto, Alex, Alessio, Mark, Lauras, Tania, and all the kitchen staff at Aria on Perry street Keeping my dinners and wine together,, Then there has been the hudson diner , Sondra, Ray and the boss man who get my mornings started with those great breakfeasts,,Can,t not thank the folks at Splended Cleaner, the Nail Spot, Sushi West and WXOU Radio,, who let me set up in front of their space and use their washrooms., Bob from the Whitehorse, as well as the staff, and again I really don,t have enough space to keep going with all the Folks That make it all work for Me, suffice to say,, 4 months in New York,," The Home of Allowing Me to Do And Be the most of what i am and do more than anywhere in my life", I,m Sure that as many summers and Years ive had that have been so great,, This has been the Best Summer Of My Life