Monday, December 28, 2009


Well its Dec. 28th and I should have been heading for Key West today but Life has gotten in the way of My plans, there has been a delay on the printing of my New York books that I should have been bringing with me, but also have had a few medical appointments i need to keep before i venture on this years journey , so, i,m stuck in the cold confines of the Canadian winter, the bright side of this little detour in my plans is that i get to spend more time with the family and see a bit more of my grand kids hockey,, i,ll keep ya all posted , have a hospital day of jan., 15th and from there i,ll know when and where i,m going to be,, thanks for the understanding of all of you who were expecting me to be where i thought i was going to be

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 thats where you can go to see some of my drawings and hopefully ,paintings, soon., my good friend David is building me this website and i might add doing a great job at it,, i,m a little slack on getting him some things to put up there,, but i,m soon going to have a section on the site that you will be able to see some europe work from paris , amsterdam, praha, and southern italia., i have done drawings in those locals as well as watercolours and oil paintings. Also will soon have a selection of watercolours from both ny and Key West as well as some work from Canada,, i,m thinking about how we will put the oil painting selection up, and i,m waiting on Alan Kennish to send some copy from, key west fine arts. anyway folks,, bere with me and i,m sure we will have it all complete before the end of next year,, good things are worth waiting for,, buy the way,,,yes buy,, you can now order from the web site,, oh yes i forgot to mention the two other books you can order, that ive written,, "thoughts for the moment only, or Just words", which sells for 40 dollars and ive only got 50 of them left,, and also "the best we can do is forgive" which is 20 dollars,, have a great holiday everyone

Saturday, December 5, 2009

In a Life

What is it that we Really have in our lives,all well and good to say that having life is worth being alive, but what is it we really have in life, write a book about your life,, man thats impossable,, for if you stop and look at what you have had,, you wouldn,t be able to put the 1st 6 years into a book,, no really think about it how about from 6 to 15, the friends the good times and the ones of growing , the feelings , thought of life you had through all of that and to think at 15 your about to actually grow many friends till that age,, how many meals, ,,, stop,, think,,15 to 30,,, write a book,,, what for every year through those 15,, full time job, wife ,kids ,lovers, ups and downs,, again,, the again being a Gain a life worth just being around ,,to have all those experiences.Now we have 30 years in,,,now what,,, 30 more to go,,well you get my drift,, but maybe you don,t cause ya havn't stopped yet to think about what you really have in life,,,in case you havn't lets  take the ones from 30 to 60 ,, ten at a time,, why because i really can,t remember any of it,, cause it went faster than the 1st 30,, and there was about 30 times more happening everyday than what happened the 1st 30 years,,, more of everything,, food friends lovers , travel, and on and on and on,, so here you are at 60,,, take a breath cause it isn't over yet,,, and it really could be ,,,, simply because we all could have been dead from over consumption of everything,,, we have had in life and i mean everything,, even what we spent our time worring about,,,what we have in life???? hey i,m 66 and still trying to catch up on all the wonderful experiences i've had, family, bros., sister kids grand kids , fab. friends,food and on and on and on,,, you get my drift,,,