Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well, the Web Site is coming along,, still not sure if its the direction i want to take, but i,m sure that once its up i,ll be happy,, you know ,you can,t teach an old dog new tricks, kind of thing, not sure about the watermarks and kind of like when i go into sites that the pics are clear and sharp, but here i am talking about something i know nothing about,need to make contact with nephew jim to get some professional advice and guidance, seems to be a lot of trouble,, and work, but am happy that i,m not the one that has to work this out,if you know what i mean,, any way my really good friend dave id working on it and i have complete faith in whatever it is he wishes to play with,,, if you know what i mean, now as fo my personal life, i am working on getting the isbn numbers together for the new york books so that i can get Leni to print another batch of them to take to key west with me and also be able to have some in new york so that if anyone there wants one they can pick it up on Carmine Street,, and now for the really important stuff in my life, noah is beautiful and not so friendly with me still , yet, steve and laura are playing great hockey, 5 games this weekend and i,m bummed cause i have to miss one because they both play the same night, but i will get to watch 2 games of each of them, not seeing enough of tyler and james cause i never know where they are,, and they have busy lives especially james,, and i really don,t get to see enough of my three daughters, again cause they have there own lives,, but like the web site its really not in my hands oh well i,m just an old man anyway that has nothing better to do with his time but moan and complain,,, love ya