Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Where did that Year Go

2017, March 21st, where to start,, turned 73 and now waiting for 74,, six weeks away,, but feels like i,ve just gone through a five year period,, 3 months in Italia,, and Two months in Paris France,  and before and after that trip,, 30 oil paintings in Villa Mesa,, at the home of my Father,, and then 35 drawings in Paris,, started the trip with my Grandson Tyler Grech,, who was with me for a month,, which included a couple days in Paris as well as Rome,, i would like to do a moment by moment account of this year but it would fill a few books,, at least one for Paris One for Italia and 2 for the tie spent with My Family,, not to mention the coming of age and the acceptance of life as a person considered to be of old age ,, or elderly,, because out of this time and trip,, the development of  myself ,,, as a Great Grandfather,, and simply to just still being alive is more than i can express of what has come out of the past Year,, and I give Thanks and Praise to The Father , The Son and The Holy Spirit,, Thank You Thank You Thank Yoe