Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feeling Great at Sixty Eight

Yep,, turned 68 this Year,, and feeling pretty good,, not that theres not a whole lot of situations that need looking into and after,, but its all pretty good,, painting , drawing and most of all the health is ok,, having to behave myself a little more about what i,m eating and drinking,, but thats ok as well ,, having had the company of a woman in my life has made it all excellent,, and the kids and grandkids all seem to be enjoying their lives and doing good also which makes me very happy. Working on putting 7 new books together of a bit of my work,, 4 Key West books, 2 New York books,, a book of musicians,, as well need to have a couple books of my paintings done,,really need to get over to Europe as well,, so all that and all i want to do is hang out with that woman,, cause thats really what life is about,, that and the kids,, so left Canada in Jan. 2011, and had a couple good visits on my way to key west,, with Dave and Debbie,, Larry and Maryann and Ron and Suzi,, got down to key West and Quickly Found out that things down there had changed greatly again,, but adjusted to those changes and thought that maybe i should retire for the year,, and i did,, not to think that i wouldn,t do anything just that i didn,t have to do anything if i don,t want to,, hanging out in Key West,, was the best its ever been,, maybe it was the company of that beautiful woman but maybe it was the fact that the weather was the best ever,, anyway its been pertty darn good, life at 68.