Monday, April 11, 2016

Its About Time

It really is , all  about time, about time i updated , as well as time flying by us as we .stop and think about the time,, its April 10th 2016, and i've not been to either New York or Key West, for over two years, and now again its the 11th, how fast a day goes by without writing a word, and are there any words that can explain what happened in the last day let alone the past three months?, I think not, two books have been published one of my New York Greenwich Village watercolors, and one of my Europe Ink Drawings, and one of the Europe watercolors that should be published within the next ten  days,, but that's not even a start of three months, with the babysitting, the hockey, the helping a friend survive in his restaurant business,, that didn't, never mind the places the mind goes into and through, while this is all being done,, and then the thoughts of why anyone would even bother to write any of this,, must be. that one doesn.t really have anything to do with their time.
So many deaths, so many wakes that i've been to in the past three months, memories of years gone by, people and experiences, not just with the departed, but the ones like myself paying ou r respects, really does make you more aware of time, and what you have done with it , how valuable it is, and what to do with the time you have left, and again,, does any of it matter,, you do what you do everyday, how long it takes and what you do with it , is what you must and when it happens is when it must, just like i strted to do this yesterday and what happened to have me doing it today had to happen so that i would be now doing it today,, and it could have happened that i would not do it at all,, but ,,, Everything Is in Its Time,, Right on Time