Monday, October 18, 2010


Leaving New York,, Again,, after two months, of drawing and watercolouring, hanging with the ones i know ,, and love,, hospitality again in New York was wonderful,, and the lifestyle,, that again changes,, eating habits,, Mustaffa,, the fruit merchant on the corner of Laquardia and Bleecker,, this is where i eat the most fruit everyday,,all because of what he has,, Bob and Vishal,, at the wine store,, Val and Matt, Liz ,, Boyd,, Chris, Ivan,, Junior,, Sarah,, The girls with the baking Project that spoils me,, Peter,,, Leni ,, and on and on,, again Leaving a part of my life till who knows when,,, Storing the work,, what to do with it,, take it to Debbie and Daves,, visit with Lynda and Will, and then the drive to Cambridge,,,spend a couple months with the Family and be able to enjoy the Grandkids again for a short time of my life,, before again, will head to Key West,,, Departures,,, I,m Really not sure i,m wanting to have to deal with Them anymore in my Life