Monday, April 9, 2012

Time Keeps on Flowing

April 9th,, Easter in Canada, Missing the Keys and the friends who make my winters sunny, have been in the north all winter and though its been quite a remarkable winter as far as mild goes it was still way to cold for me,, not to mention, even though it was great to be near the kids and watch Laura play her 1st year of university hockey,, i can,t imagine spending another winter in Canada. some for the reason given but i,m really not allowed to live my life as i know it within me,, what do i mean by that,, well,, theres this person that i know when i,m not Dad, Poppa and that Joe that "everyone ",, KNOWs that i,m really not,, and theres this other guy,, who a whole lot of you DO Know that ,, I am,, and i love being,, as they say,, its complicated,, but not really,, cause i know that when i,m that guy,, i,m the happiest,, anyway,, i,m blessed that i,m alive and that i do have these two lives,, and that i was allowed to be a part of my Childrens Life,, for another winter of my Life