Friday, September 24, 2010

Months Of Silence

Sometimes You just don,t want to share your thought to words,, then the urge to write gets in You and it must be done to have ,, a peace within yourself, I,m thinking that I feel so empty when i try to put my life to words,, like so little happening,, yet,, i,m totally caught up in having something going on 24/7, art exhibit in July,, trip down to NyNy,, 20 some paintings done,, organizing,, the whole situation for 2 months in nyny and then theres the constant contact with trying to have a slight insight into my children and grandchildrens lives which i know is way less than i want it to be,, just can,t stand not seeing them,, yet a greater desire to complete this Art Vision i have with what ive done,, and then the crazy part of that world is that i can,t stop doing the Art to add to the vision. The other part of my life is the people i interact with on a daily, weekly, Monthly, Yearly bases,, i,m just never having enough time to go for a drink or dinner with them and then when i do it seems to be way to short a visit,,, Bottom Line,, Have to be Happy for all we have in life,,, and Thank God for all the Blessings