Thursday, October 29, 2009

What it Takes

One Hundred and Ten days, living in your van on the streets of New York, Showering at the ny recreation centre, and hopfully a staff that treats you like your a human being as well others you meet there that stimulate your intellect. Thank God for all those people that help you get through it."What it takes", 34 people wanting you to draw there homes and businesses, and then a few hundred people that actually, buy some of your art, so you can cover expenses, then theres having two books of your drawings published in between,the sunny days when you have to be drawing."What it Takes",the people that operate the shops where you have to do your work, the people at the bars and restaurants that hook you up so you can actually afford being there, You all know who you are, the pain of the body hauling that cart, the load on your mind about the reasons why or why not you should be doing any of it, what does it take, way too much to ever want anyone you love to be doing it, so why is it that when its all done and over theres this great satisfaction within yourself and this overwhelming thankfulness to so many people that you know love you for doing it that makes you want to do it all over again

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I,d be amiss, if i didn,t write something of my Key West, adventures and friends, for sure ive been going down there in the winter, why wouldn,t I , for its always warm in winter there, and spending my days by the water , mornings at Blue Heaven, hanging out with the coolest of people, you all know who you are, the music on a constant daily live basis, and last winter two of my grand kids spent time with me, so any way i should be down there around Dec. 28th or Jan.4th of 2010, be there, or be here now

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well here i am, two years drift by like a breeze blowing through a bare tree, hardly noticable, but then a look at what ive been doing and where ive been and loooking in a mirror will tell you, time has past. New York has been really good, lots of drawings done, Two great books with 57 of my Greenwich Village drawings in each one ,have been published, many new friends, and a web site, all put together by the help of many great people.hope you take some time to check it out, and would love to hear from you with the do,s and the don,t of whats going on.

The New York Book is Done

I did it. The New York book is printed. Actually two books. I even have my website going. Check it out in the links.