Thursday, June 10, 2010

Volume Three,, Of New York

What is there to write of the work,not much that could be understood,, if you didn,t know the past history of the artist and the influences of the people in ones life. Take for instance the importance of the work with the colour of fruit and vegetables, but also the state of mind one enters into when buying food to feed to others, now what has that to do with the drawing or the painting you ask,, well if you have to ask that ,, you really will never know the results of the artists work, and what is it that the mother , father ,, the brothers or sisters and friends had to do with the work an artist presents on his canvas, again if you don,t see that all of these aspects of ones life has to do with what one does in art, you really never will understand art or the artist. While doing the art the same things apply,, the living conditions, the people that is what allows the work to be done,, and without favourable conditions ,, it doesn,t get done, and those conditions can be ones of hardship and difficulties as easily ones of pure love and joy,, but they are what create the work.