Sunday, February 28, 2010


What does it take in a lifetime to really realize the importance of life and what is important in your life? I don,t think you can ever thank your Family, parents, siblings, children,, and grandchildren for what it is they give you just by being, your friends, teachers, influences of music ,art takes 60 years no matter how you have loved and apprieciated, all of these experiences of your life to really take a look and see a whole other demension of what it is and realize that its even more than that. Going to New York this year after all ive done there and how much ive become a part of the feeling, the people,, i was blown away by how much greater the feeling of my love of what it is and how great it is the structures the ancientness of it the food how unbelievable it all is. Then off to Key West and on the way,, the visiting of the Friends along the way,what they have meant in my life,, and again like my children and grand children no words or not any amount of words or even the amount of realization of what that value in your life is can ever be expressed. Key West,,, Garden of Eden. people ,Family ,, yes Extended Family like again, you can not imagine,,, names ,Will Linda,, Mark Jude, Eric Paul,, my brother, Mark and on and on thousands of names and people who have been so wonderful and helpful in me being able to do what i be continued

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting to Know Key West,"Again"

Day four of 2010,You would wonder after 4 days if there would be anything to talk about, but you have to remember, when you return to a location after a few months away you walk around town taking in what it is that keeps you coming back for as many years as you do. Key West, is Magical theres a feeling you have just about being there, then theres the trees and plant life, and as you walk around you encounter all these totally wonderful people that you have known for years , and when you know Key West,, your amazed that they stay,, because in all this you if you have been here for any length of time understand what it takes to survive on the when i got here this trip as i," sneak sally through the alley ",cause thats what its like to trip around kw,and you space into the places like the grand cafe, ricks ,the tree bar , angelinas, capt tonys,, the local colour shop, the white tarpon, blue heaven,the crepiere, bos fish wagon,, and the the new spot , "The Cuban Coffee Queen",help yourself the schooner wharf, where that hippie band was playing,, hooking up with the cast of charecters is more mind blowing then the locations and enviroment combined,, Paul, Spin,Penny,Richard,Sueanne,Phil,Kelly,Kit,Jonney,Barb,Linda,Jude,Mark,Bob,Charlie,and you get the picture,, so four days later ive touched base with a few of the locations and ate a little bit of what is offered. The other part of the 4 days is about setting up at the galleon,, getting things straightened out at Pauls house, the Plantation Coffee shop, and connecting with Michael Shields to do His radio show on Friday, on Konk-1680 am, the Art Waves show, from 11 till 12 am. and now to get ready for the next week of Key West,, sure to be an adventure.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tripping 2010 Style,

Just a little recap of the past week. Left Canada on Tues., and got over the border,, stopped in Buffalo and had lunch with Jim,, at Teds Hot dogs,, then drove to Port Jervis to pick up a few things at Lynda and Will,s , got into Randolph NY, to Debbie and Davids home about 9:30 pm,, of course Debbie had some great food waiting for me.Wed. morning seen me getting up to a fresh snowfall and got my day started with a drive into NY,got there by noon, and went to see Leni at Smudge ,, got things settled with him to print me another 200 books, then spent the rest of the day walking around the village visiting a few friends,, Val and Matt at ardent,, Mama Rafatto, the boys at the shooting club,, carol at native leather,, rita and dennis at Brunos Bakery,BoB and Vishal at the wine store and the folks at Cuba restaurant,, also Boyd at the thai restaurant ,, called Boyds, then went up to the plaza and seen Michael,, totally uneventful and useless exercise thank god i stopped at Wicked Willies and hooked up with Alan and Andy and listened to some great music and had a beer before heading home to bed.Left NY first thing Thur. morning and headed to Judy and Georges in Philly, got there in time for lunch in the Italian Market at a great sandwich shop at 9th and Christian, name escapes me,, i think paesanos,,then went for a great cup of coffee and then shopping in a really great shop,,mmmm so many wonderful foods,, home to hang out and then dinner with j and g and there one son,, what a fabulous meal as per usual when i,m there,always sooo great.Friday had me heading for DC to Maryann,s and Larrys and Family, kind of like My own Home ,, Cis, and Jenna ,Andi,Michael and soon anothe3r little girl,, not to mention Nadia,Luna and Mame,, what a house,, GRand Central Station, lots of kids,, and company always,, fridge is stocked ,, beer is cold and the tv is on,laugh laugh laugh,, all weekend,, ate to much again and mmmm good,super bowl party at the neighbours and digging out from one of the biggest snow storms ever, great week end.Monday morning i,m out of there before the next storm hits,, drive all day to Daytona, and LIse and Daves home, got there about 10 pm, tired, Tuesday up late and spent the day with lise, picked Kayleigh up from school, and trhen home to cook dinner ,, they love when i cook for them, baked potatoes and brocolli,, then pork chops, in a sause made with onions ,garlic, tomatoes oil and butter, little red winesauted and left to slowly simmer,,, oh ya., Wed., drove on over to New Symrna beach to Suzi and Rons home,, lunch with Ron at another unbelievable sandwich shop,and then home to hang out at there home on the water, what a great space,, dinner as usual was again so great,, Tuna done perfect on the bbq by Ron aspergras, carrots anda great salad,, couple of beers and great conversation. its Thursday Morning and i,m having another grat coffee and looking out at the perfect scene across the waters,, ya gotta love it

Friday, February 5, 2010

Update on My Life

Its Feb.6thI,m sitting in DC, at Mary Ann,s and Larrys house,, did the hospital thing and got looked after,, spending the extra time in Canada allowed me to see more of my family and more of the kids hockey, also gave me more time to take a look at whats happening with the direction of art work. Speaking of that, my friend David got a web site set up, which is and has also done a facebook page that is, joe fortes world, he has also set joe fortes world, up as a company. So I stoppe3d there on my way to nyny and spent the evening at his and Debbies home, from there i went into the city and hooked up with my printer, Leni and straightened out a few things and have more New York books printed. Fron ny i went to Philly to pick up[ two oil paintings that i had left at Judy and Georges and spent a great evening, which takes me to tonight as i sit watching the hockey game drinking an ice cold stella with Larry after a great dinner in D.C., great winter storm raging out side tonight and tomorrow so i,ll snuggle in here for a few days and hopefully get into driving to Florida on Monday,, weather permitting