Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life At Full Speed

April 5th, 2011,, Key West,, the past 3 months,, 16 new oil paintings,, one of them 5 feet x 15 feet,, 3 of them 40 inches x6 feet,,, feeling good after not having oil painted for 3 years,, also a new series of drawings of musicians,, well under way with about 25 pieces done,, ny as well as key west musicians,, also have done 7 or 8 watercolours and maybe the same amount of new drawings.., now about my real life,, The Celestine Prophecy,,, The Tenth Insight,, and ,, The Secret of Shambhala,, and hopefully soon ,, The Twelve Insight,,, where it seems my path is heading ,, as well where its been the past forty years,, and then some,, for You See,, i have been on this path since i can remember at the age of six. Now again,, for what is even More Important in My Life Than even all of This,, The People,, Ive had in this life of mine,,as always I,m always at a loss for words that can even come close to express this "Value of Life", and am awed at the fact that no matter how You Try,, Or as many Times that You express,, What the People in your Life Have Meant and mean to You,,, it can not be to the slightest degree of what That "Real Value Is". At 68,, I,m Totally Blown Away,,that i,m alive,,, That what I have had,, and have,,and what i still am given Every day.